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Moffat County buildings

Moffat County, Colorado – August and September, 2011
311,000 sq. ft.
Sub-contractor for Ennovate Corporation: Gene Farnsworth 970-640-8259
18.5% average reduction in air infiltration

Museum    13% Reduction
Library      13.4% reduction
Ice Rink and Maintenance  22% reduction (Maintenance area only)
Fairground Maintenance   30% reduction (Office area)
Fair Ground Maintenance   18% reduction (Shop area)
North Annex    8% reduction
Road and Bridge, Office   50% reduction
Road and Bridge Shop Areas  12 % reduction
Social Services Building   3% Reduction*
Fairgrounds Pavilion   14% reduction
Fairgrounds Grandstand Building 29% reduction
Courthouse    9% Reduction
Public Safety Center   9% reduction**
Mabel Library    24% reduction
Dinosaur Library   29% reduction
Dinosaur Welcome    12.5% reduction