Angela Loughry and Mark McLain

About Confluence Architecture

Confluence Architecture is small, multi-discipline firm located in Carbondale, Colorado. We specialize in using the latest techniques to optimize the efficiency, comfort and durability of a building with the greatest economy of means. Indoor air quality, sound control and day-lighting are all intimately connected to the performance of the shell and mechanical systems of a building. Confluence Architecture is uniquely equipped to maximize this balance to favor the highest quality building possible, with the lowest possible operational and maintenance costs, for the lowest possible construction costs.

“Confluence” is a word that embodies the spirit of our own personal philosophies of architecture. The design process involves the confluence of many skills & disciplines; art & engineering, context & precedence, building & municipal codes, programs & site forces, time & money, etc. all balancing together at one point. That one point is your finished project. It takes planning to be successful, and that’s what we do here.


Confluence Architecture is interested in creating beautiful, healthy spaces that are sustainable, efficient & durable in design. For new construction we offer environmentally conscious, energy efficient, custom architectural design. For existing houses, multi-family and commercial buildings we provide energy audits to increase energy efficiency and problem solving for buildings with mold, moisture, indoor air quality, ice damming, comfort, carbon monoxide or radon safety issues. Green remodels, additions and deep energy retrofits welcome.


We provide a full range of consultation, testing, certification services for all buildings, new or existing. We provide energy audits, HERS rating services to qualify new homes for the ENERGY STAR® label, IECC code compliance, LEED and LEED for Homes services. We specialize in solving the performance problems of existing buildings; comfort issues, high utility bills, moisture, mold, radon and ice dams. We have the equipment, expertise  and experience to audit and test existing buildings; from a small cabin to very large commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. We have strategic partnerships with the weatherization contractors and General Contractors that understand the goals and techniques of sustainable construction.


Green Home Design