Indoor Air Quality & Material Specification

Designers in rural Colorado face unique obstacles when is comes to choosing sustainable materials. The isolated natural beauty that makes our location appealing also limits local material sourcing, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) availability, construction waste recycling, and availability of economical sustainable materials.  Couple these challenges with the changing thinking on sustainable materials from proxy measurements of recycled content, manufacturing location, and chemical content to full Life Cycle Analysis and choosing the right material to achieve sustainable outcomes becomes tricky.  Confluence Architecture and Sustainability can help with material specifications.  We start by developing sustainable material goals that strengthen the design and client goals. Perhaps a focus of local materials and sourcing is paramount, or maybe healthful materials and indoor air quality are leading concerns.  Confluence can then introduce the guidelines and tools that will achieve these materials goals. Confluence offers a host of materials services:

  • Indoor Air Quality testing for; CO, CO2, humidity and radon
  • Specification writing
  • Whole building Life Cycle Analysis
  • Red list material research
  • Construction waste management plans
  • LEED and IgCC material tracking and quantification to achieve certification
  • Contractor training
  • Material recommendations
  • Wall and structural assembly consultation for low environmental impact