ERI Compliance Alternative (HERS Ratings)

ERI (Energy Rating Index) models and HERS (Home Energy Rating Score) ratings can be used to show compliance with the energy code, they are mandatory in some jurisdictions, they are a prerequisite for LEED for Homes and ENERGY STAR certification and they can be used to unlock financial incentives like COREs Net Zero Homes Grant.


Confluence is adept at HERS ratings.  As architects, we understand those houses that are out of the standard mold.  Have a 20,000 sf home?  Have a complicated remodel?  Have unusual construction assemblies?  We are the HERS raters for you.  HERS ratings fees vary with the size and complexity of home and typically range from $1000-$2000.  Call us for an estimate.

What is the process?

In a nutshell it goes like this… We do take-offs from your drawings and put them in an energy modeling software. We can start off with some assumptions and defaults, but eventual we have to know everything about the shell and mechanical system. We can work from DWGs (2010). PDFs are helpful too, and SketchUp models are great. Then the computer gives us a score. We can adjust the model at that point to get a better score. This is a valuable time to use the energy model to analyze the performance of the house and value engineer the energy features of house. When it gets to a point that works for everybody, then we print the projected HERS certificate for the permit application. During construction we need to update the model with any real world changes and inspect the insulation before it is covered. At final, we inspect the mechanical system to insure it matches what we modeled and perform any required tests; typically just a blower door test to determine the air exchange rate. Then we send my file to our Quality Assurance provider, EnergyLogic, they check it out. If Okay-ed, they issue the final HERS certificate and upload the results to the RESNET national database.