Marble Distilling Company

Architectural Renderings

I’m a bit of computer geek and certainly an energy geek. Did you know that the harder you work your computer, the more power it consumes? The one thing that really pushes my computer is architectural rendering software. The computer has to do complex calculations to trace the path of light in a simulated three dimensional space as it bounces around. Every material has its own attributes; shiny, transparent, translucent, etc. Then there is shade and shadow, natural and artificial light to consider. The software goes through a dozen or more layers of calculation for every pixel of an image.
Recently we were retained to produce three images for the Marble Distilling Company. Once a model is set up to be rendered, it can take several hours for the computer to crank through the calculation process. In one case, the computer was working so hard, the power supply actually burnt up! Pop, smoke and dead computer.

dead power supply

The Mable Distilling Company of Carbondale, Colorado is set to open in February. Until then, here is a peak at the interiors and a link to their website.


Distillery tasting room

Hotel bathroom

Hotel room