Eagle County Colorado’s energy conservation code requirements

Eagle County, Climate Zone 6, is currently (June 2019) on the 2015 IRC (International Residential Code) and the 2015 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). The ECO-build checklist is gone. Link to Eagle County…

Eagle County has an exterior energy usage mitigation program. Exterior energy uses listed below shall offset 50% of energy use through onsite renewable energy resources or pay fee-in-lieu option accordingly:

  1. Snowmelt                 34,425 BTU/sf               $16.00 per sf (first 200 sf exempt)
  2. Spa/Hot Tub           430,000 BTU/sf            $176.00 per sf (first 64 sf exempt)
  3. Exterior Pool           83,000 BTU/sf              $136.00 per sf

A couple of extra mandatory provisions have been adopted; fenestration U-factor of 0.30 maximum value required, and the main heat source to be a minimum of 92% efficient AFUE.

Eagle County is enforcing separate infiltration tests for ADUs, infiltration limit of 3.0 ACH50 and duct testing when outside the envelope.

Confluence Architecture & Sustainability can provide third-party inspections, all the documentation, modeling, testing and certification required to demonstrate compliance with all provisions of this code.


Please contact us if we can help you comply with the energy code, wherever you project is located.

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