Snowmass Village Energy Code Requirements

Town of Snowmass Village Community Development website here…

2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and REOP adoption…

Ordinance No. 2 2011 ¬†adoption…

Town of Snowmass Village CFA Maximum
Tier I 1000-3000 HERS 75
Tier II 3001-5000 HERS 70
Tier III 5001-10000 HERS 65
Tier IV 10000+ HERS 60

Link to Colorado Energy Conservation Code Hub for; Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Eagle County, Pitkin County, Town of Telluride and the Town of Mountain Village

Town of Mountain Village Energy Code

As of August 20, 2020…

2018 International Energy Conservation Code

Special provisions for exterior energy use.

Permit fee discounts available for nonexistent or offset exterior energy uses.

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CFA TOMV yes snowmelt no snowmelt
< 3600 Tier I prescriptive prescriptive
3601-7000 Tier II 2018 HERS 60 2018 HERS 60
7001-13000 Tier III 2018 HERS 55 2018 HERS 60
13001+ Tier IV 2018 HERS 50 2018 HERS 60


Hi Allison,

I wanted to follow up after our conversation this morning addressing the issue of mechanical rooms and unconditioned space in new construction in the Town of Mountain Village.

As a policy we are allowing for mechanical rooms, and unconditioned garages to be exempted from habitable HERS calculations with the following criteria;

  • No heating of any type will be permitted in these locations
  • Exterior envelope insulation requirements shall be met for ALL walls, ceilings and floors (per the HERS design), with a designed thermal break at floors, including concrete (Check with your engineer as this may cause problems with structural slabs).
  • Doors to these rooms shall be fully gasketed
  • At least one, or a minimum of 25% of the walls shall be directly adjacent to the exterior of the structure.

As you are aware, our CDC and the 2018 IECC do not specifically provide for the installation of PV systems to offset HERS ratings in a residential application. The allowance above will hopefully provide for an easier time of meeting the HERS requirements of the Town, and meets prescriptive requirements. In the future, if one of your raters can provide additional information to review that will support the PV to HERS tradeoff, we are available to review.

Thank you and please contact me with any questions


Lars Forsythe

Building Inspector

Building Department

Town of Mountain Village

455 Mountain Village Blvd, Suite A

Mountain Village, CO 81435

O :: 970.369.8246

C :: 970.729.3439


Performance HERS changes
Currently the Mountain Village Building Regulations has adopted the 2018 energy code. Per (section renewable energy sources can be used to lower the HERS score if the Smart Build Program is utilized. Buildings designed with a HERS rating below 50 is the starting threshold to allow the renewable offset. It has come to my attention that RESNET/ICC 301 allows for renewable energy sources to be used to lower the HERS score. In keeping with our commitment to support renewable energy the Mountain Village Building Department has reviewed this document and will allow renewable energy to aid in lowering the HERS score. Effective immediately the Mountain Village Building Department will allow all new residential projects to utilize renewable energy sources to lower the HERS score providing:
(1) All 2018 IECC Residential Mandatory requirements in chapter 4 are utilized.
(2) Depending on the type of construction the minimum requirements of 2018 IECC Tables 402.1.2, 402.1.4 and 402.2.6 are followed prior to the addition of the renewable energy source to assist in the HERS score.
(3) Building Regulations section (17.7.12.D. V.I. A), the onsite renewable energy system will be required to be maintained and operational for the lifetime of the property, through a written agreement with the property owner and a covenant on the property.
Inspection Changes as follows:
The Mountain Village Building Department will require the Performance Rater to perform all the insulation inspections. The Performance Rater will be required to sign off on the pre-drywall inspection prior to drywall being installed as well as any partial inspections. An acceptance email must be sent to the building department for all inspections as well as the final acceptance certificate prior to CO being issued. The Building Department will provide a red line stamp on the reviewed plans stating (3rd party insulation inspection required) to help the contractor be aware of this requirement. The following emails may be utilized for the acceptance reports: and
Sincerely Drew Harrington
Chief Building Official
970- 708-7537
970- 369-8251


Link to Colorado Energy Conservation Code Hub for; Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Eagle County, Pitkin County, Town of Snowmass Village and the Town of Mountain Village