Confluence Architecture goes Net-zero (electrically)

This week Confluence Architecture had a 3.24 Kw photovoltaic solar system installed on the roof to offset the electrical consumption of our firm. Our building already sports passive solar heating & a thermal solar hot water system. The addition of these twelve solar panels drops our HERS rating to a very healthy 30. We felt like the time was right to take the plunge because the cost of solar systems has been dropping and incentives are still high. The system will cost us $14,000 out of pocket, but by the time we collect the incentives and take the federal tax credit it will be more like $5,800! If electric costs were to stay at current rates- we could see this system pay for itself in savings in just 10 years. The system is slightly oversized, because our business plan calls for a plug-in electric vehicle as the next step towards carbon footprint reduction. Our inverter can take another string of panels if we find that more would be beneficial. Many thanks go out to the folks at SoL Energy for a first-rate installation job; Ken Olsen, Kelly Kirby, Mike Bouchet and Nirish Kafle.

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