Repurposed construction scraps create a privacy screen for a desk

I still work at a drafting board, even thought I haven’t drafted by hand in fifteen years or so. The top lies flat now, covered by keyboards and mouse pads, instead of triangles and lead holders. I still prefer to work at a 38″ surface rather than a 30″ surface. Probably because I stand while working quite a bit.

Multi-screen computer desks

I need a lot of computer horsepower and plenty of screen space when I work. I often have SketchUp, AutoCAD, Excel, Word, Outlook, Media Player and a browser open at once. I’m up to three screens now; a big on in the center and two vertical screens flanking it. I wanted to build a screen to hide the backs of the monitors and give me a place to deal with all those ugly wires and outlet strips.

Repurposed construction scraps

At the end of a project came opportunity in the form of leftover flooring. I had some T&G bamboo flooring, some cork tiles and a little 3-Form (sheets translucent resin with things in-bedded in the mix) leftover from the cabinet doors. In the photos below you can see the creation that was born. It is held together with bolts and inserts (t-nuts).

desk-screen_1 desk-screen_2